Surprised By The Revealing Lesson From A Four Year Old

Who are our teachers?

In the gospel of John 13:13-14, Jesus makes it clear that he is our teacher.  We are to learn from him and follow him.  Sometimes Jesus uses others to teach us, and that can be very powerful.

I had not been home from Europe long, when my four-year-old nephew came to spend the day with me.  It was a thrill for me because I had been away for so long, so we spent an enjoyable time together. Read more.

Day 30 – What do You Think of My Unit?

11 February 2019 

There’s this little unit that I live in.  It has the living area which includes a kitchenette, large enough for me.  This area is set up as office, lounge room and kitchen, without walls in between.  It is great because I can watch anything cooking while I watch TV or keep an eye on the TV while doing the dishes.  Of course there is always the radio which is on more frequently than the TV. Read on.

Day 29 – How a Blessing Turned to Trauma

10 February 2019          

The news that there is a baby on the way is exciting for any family, and especially so when the country only allows it to occur once in their lifetime.  Joy filled the house.  Joy was then confounded when the doctor told that mother that she was having more than one baby.  At the first ultra-sound the mother was told that she was expecting FOUR babies. Read on.