The Best Learners Can Fail!

With the current COVID-19 crisis, the mind goes back to when I was in a similar situation, and looks for how I coped then.  My previous crisis was on 2nd September, 2001.  It just involved me and I am so glad that I have not repeated the mistakes that I made then.

It was Sunday and after Church I had a mishap with my bike.  There was something on the road in my path.  I braked hard and unintentionally turned on the power.  (The safety mechanism on e.bikes had not yet been compulsory.)  This caused the front wheel to stop and the back wheel to spin full speed and throw me over the handlebars.

I ended up in the University Hospital with a triple fracture of the elbow.  Upon arrival, all I wanted was pain relief.  They could not give it because it had to be paid for at the pharmacy first.  They could not use my money because they were not allowed to touch my belongings.  So I sat there in absolute agony.  I was having the most thorough pity party that you can imagine.

One of my friends was rung and came to help me.  She got my money and paid for all the things I needed right now.  Then she went to my home to get the things that the hospital expects you to have; a dish to wash yourself, towel, soap, bowl to eat from, etc.  I asked her to bring back my Bible too.

In the mean time I was admitted and taken to the orthopaedic ward.  The corridor was full of beds down one side, end to end.  The rooms all had extra beds in them too.  A section of humanity all waiting for surgery.  I eventually was offered a bed in a room with a very old man.  The alternative was the corridor!

My friend returned with my things, to find me in bed.  After she left, I took my Bible and started reading that day’s reading, Ps.46.  The first words I read were, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, …”

That afternoon’s events replayed before my eyes, and I had not given any of this a thought.  It showed me how easy it is to slip back into “self sufficiency” mode and forget what has been learned.  I am so grateful that during this crisis I got it right.  God’s protection in all circumstances has been my first thought.

“The LORD will keep you from all harm. (Psalm 121:7)

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