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Teacher Ria

My name is Ria Smit and I have known the Goodness of God for more than half my life now.  This has given me amazing experiences.  I do not want to keep them to myself.  It is therefore that I share with you my journey to faith and my journey in faith.

Actually I prefer the word ‘trust’ to ‘faith.’  Faith makes it seem that I had something to do with the amazing things that have happened in my life, especially those which are documented ‘miracles’,  It is not because of my faith that these things have happened.  It is just that I learned to trust that God is actually on my side and helping me through the circumstances that life throws at me.

Briefly, my family migrated to Australia when I was in primary school.  I was not permitted to stay at school beyond year 9, despite the fact that I desired to be a teacher.  All further study I have undertaken either part time, evenings or by correspondence.  I now have a BA.Th. and a PNG Teaching Certificate as well as a certificate to Teach English to Adult Speakers of Other Languages.

Since 1963 I have lived for three years in PNG, eighteen months in the Netherlands, three years and three months in (what was then) West Germany and 20 years in China.  I learned all their languages to various degrees of fluency, and sat the exam for foreigners in both Germany and China.

Since learning about the reality of the living God, I want to proclaim far and wide, his goodness.  I am in love with the written word.  This makes it logical that I should write my experiences for others to read.  I intend to write my blog twice a week and I love people’s comments to the things I write.

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