Simply Living in the LIGHT

The Journey From Despair to Success

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Simply Living in the LIGHT


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Author Bio

Ria was born in the Netherlands and came to Australia with her family as a primary school child. As an adult, she has lived in four other countries, learning the language of each. The last of these was China, where she taught Spoken English for 20 years. Ria is now retired.

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What Others Say

“Ria has openly and candidly told the story of her quite remarkable spiritual journey and the powerful miracles that have shaped her life. On reading them be challenged to dedicate your own life unstintingly to God’s purpose for you, just as Ria’s life so clearly records for her. She has shown that doggedly sticking to God’s call, regardless of how scary it is, and giving singular attention to believing in Faith at crisis points, pays off. Her story proves it. I have watched her story unfold and seen the diligence and sheer tenacity she has shown in achieving her goals in God’s glorious Kingdom. May you be inspired by this account of a life totally yielded to God.”

Philip Hills
Ret. Senior Pastor – Richmond AoG

“Ria’s vulnerability and honesty in describing her life experiences bring great hope for, and wonder in, the process of being transformed into the person we dream of becoming. Ria releases the truth and loving impact of God who cares deeply about every human being, no matter how challenging their circumstances have been. She will elevate your understanding of how God walks with us through the precious and precise way she has included Jesus in all aspects of her life.”

Peter McHugh
Senior Pastor – Stairway Church

“Excellent … was so interesting, I had to read it to the end. It is now 4:15 a.m.”

Mary Bryden
Chaplain and Cardiac Nurse