Impeccable Timing

Yesterday afternoon I had the basket on my bike replaced.  Well, I have had two baskets in the eight months since I got the bike, both were rubbish.  Now I have taken the seven year old basket of the old bike and had it put onto the new bike.  So, why is this significant?

Like you, we are all living under the ever increasing restrictions of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Doing the best to keep within the limitations set is not the easiest thing to do.  Imagine my disappointment yesterday when I realised that the replacement basket off the handlebars, was again wrecked.  The first one was put on incorrectly and the bracket broke through the bottom causing the basket to fall forward.  I had had it replaced correctly this time, but yesterday morning realised that that bracket had also broken through the bottom of the basket, albeit in a different way.  It ought to have held.

I also realised that there was no point in going back again and having it replaced again, as that is the only basket they had in stock.  Thinking through the predicament, I decided to take the much stronger basket off the old bike, and see whether they could fit it onto the new bike.  I was contemplating going the next day, but felt compelled to go that afternoon and get it done.  I made the appointment and went to the shop, giving them the story as I have related it here.

The repair guy saw no reason why he would not be able to put the old basket onto the new bike, so he set to work.  Now I have the seven year old basket on the new bike.  However as it is still in very good condition, no one would ever know.

Then the TV news last night.  Level three restrictions.  As of midnight last night, we may now only go out to buy food and essentials, to go to a medical appointment and a brief exercise walk.  Hearing all this caused me quite a bit of stress as I am usually out and about a lot.  Then the light went on.

That was Jesus telling me to get that basket on yesterday.  He knew that that was the last day that I could get it done, for who knows how long.  And again I am amazed.  Just as he cared about the wine running out at a wedding (John Ch.2), the tax that had to be paid (Matthew 17:27) and the woman at the well who was spiritually lost (John Ch.4), so he cares for us today.  You see, if I had not gone yesterday I would not have been able to use the basket until the restrictions are lifted.  I need the bike to get to the shop and I need the basket to put shopping in.

If it is important to us, well, then it is important to Jesus.  He hears the request in our heart before we even get to ask it.

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