The Next Job!

So, I am sitting here looking at the first copy of my book.  But you can’t see it.  I am beginning to learn what lies between you and me, and it is way more work than writing the book was.  The phrase is, “Self Publishing”.

The front cover of the book to whet your appetite.

Now I am confronted by reality.  If I really believe that Jesus told me to write this book, well then he must also have the answer to the road that is called Publishing.  But again, how easy it is to take over alone and think that it is all up to me.  It is not.

I decided to go through the websites that say they can help.  There are more than just a few.  Some give peace and are worth investigating.  Some are almost frightening and easy to discard.  Some have good connections and some are only automatic messages.  It is a matter of seeing which will actually help and which will only break the bank.  To me it is important that they will give me peace and understanding that I am not doing this fulltime and want to work at my own pace.  

So, you can see, it is simply a matter of remembering to “ask and receive” (Matt.7:7 & 11, 21:22).  And isn’t that what gives another opportunity to give a testimony of God’s goodness?

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