Requests Answered and God Glorified

A quiet evening at home and all I wanted was to read a book. I went to my bookshelves, which have framed glass doors on the top half. I opened the doors and the one on my right fell sideways into my hand. I managed to not let it fall down.

This was a shock, as you may well imagine, I was alone and did not know what I would do to save the situation. I certainly didn’t want the glass to break, and neither did I want the whole door to fall off. So I stood there.

Looking around carefully to find out what had actually caused this situation, I saw that the top hinge on the affected door, was undone. Now I am a teacher, not a cabinet maker or anything like that and I needed to fix this hinge. Upon closer inspection I could see that the hinge had slipped out of its anchor and so I made a concerted effort to try and push it back in.

No success!

I realised that I needed help, so I said, “Lord, what should I do?” Immediately the answer came into my mind, “Get a screwdriver.” Now, that was easier said than done, but I did manage somehow to lean the door into the cavity and hoped it would not fall while I went for the screwdriver.

Second problem was; I am right handed but my right hand had to hold up the door. I am clumsy with my left hand. Then again, dropped into my mind came the program about right and left handedness I had heard on the radio a day earlier. I quickly recalled that if you are right handed and you need to turn something with your left hand, remember, to undo you turn to the left.

Now I was on the job. Holding the door with my right hand, using the screwdriver to unscrew the screw with my left hand and inching the wayward hinge back into its correct position, then fastening the screw again. It worked out well and you will think, well that was simple. It was not simple for me, but when the answer to my prayer brought forth the things I needed to do, well, all went well.

This is a very simple and small example of what we read in John 14:13, “I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father”. No thunder or lightning, or even a clap. Jesus just told me what to do and I did it. Asking Jesus for help and receiving it, gives us an opportunity to tell others what we have received, and that glorifies God the Father. Don’t be selfish, ask and allow God the glory that is his due.

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