Act On What You Know

My transport is a bicycle.  I have had a bicycle with an electric motor since Christmas Day, 2000 and I love the freedom that it gives me.  But sometimes I walk instead.  And this happened one day while walking.

Recent teaching had made me more and more aware that Jesus told his followers to pray according to this prayer, and then he taught them the Lord’s Prayer.  Pretty much universally known in western countries.

On that day my costochondritis (pain in the chest due to inflammation in the cartledge in the chest) became very severe.  I had barely gone 1Km of the 2Km distance.  It became so bad that I had to stop and crouch to get some relief.

Then I remembered what we had been taught about the Lord’s Prayer.  I straightened up my body and said:

“Father God, Jesus told us to pray that your kingdom would come here on earth as it is in heaven.  In heaven you do not allow pain.  Therefore I now ask you to let heaven come down here and let this pain be gone.”

I waited, maybe a minute, and I continued to the shopping centre without anymore problems, only full of thanksgiving.

It is not enough to have the knowledge in your head, you actually have to put it into practice.  James 1:22 tells us ‘Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  DO WHAT IT SAYS.’ (My emphasis.)

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