Who Can Have Put in My Order?

My butcher sells cooked meat.  Some of it is delicious, and I frequently avail myself of this.  They do it is so much better than I can.  But what was that today?

Thursday was a very busy day.  There are a number of things that I just forgot.  I was pre-occupied with my computer most of the day.  It was late at night that I realized I had forgotten to put in my order at the butchers, for Friday morning.

Friday morning, while riding my bike to the shopping centre, I was wondering what I would do if there wasn’t anything that I would like.  Well, I settled on getting some mince and cooking that up at home.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the counter and the young lady greeted me with the words, “I have just wrapped your order.” 

Wrapped my order?  I had not put in an order.  However she was adament, there it was on the board, my order.  I could not deny it, but who put it there?  I had not even made this an object of prayer.  I guess I will never know who made the “mistake” to get my order on the board, but I was overjoyed to have the meat I really like.


Isaiah 65:24 says “Before they call I will answer …”  Was this an occassion where Father God, knowing my heart and my wishes, influenced a “mistake” and had my order put on the board?  I wouldn’t put it past him.  His loving kindness is always a step ahead of what we can ask or imagine (Eph.3:20).

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