A Hundred Years Well Lived

It was not just amazing, it was fun and I was so very privileged.  Not only to put on a small celebration for the nine of us, but then also to be invited to the main celebration, was more than I could have wished for.  And yet, it happened.

It is noSWWith bannert everyday you get to celebrate the 100th birthday of a friend.  Mind you, I have only known him for half a dozen years.  He started to come to our Connect Group at church.  We hold it on a Tuesday morning, fortnightly, for those who don’t particularly want to go out at night.  He had heard about it from a golfing friend, so decided to come.

He was still driving.  He would drive over, and come in using his walking stick.  Eventually, about a year ago, the family insisted on him not living alone and they found a nice place for him where he is cared for.  After a minor accident, which did not hurt anyone, he also gave away the driving.  Now he’s brought to the meeting by a carer.

SWWith youngest
With his youngest Great Grandchild

It is not like we are the only privileged ones.  There are a number of other meetings that he also keeps up with.  His joy is infectious.  And so, you will not be surprised that ALL his descendants, attended his official birthday party.  All 61 of them, the

youngest just twelve weeks old.  A number of them travelled from distant countries.  Add in all the married partners and you will understand that it was a large crowd.

Therefore it was even more amazing that he also requested a group of friends from the churches that he attends and his golfing club.  “Quite a guy,” I hear you say.  And you are right.

It wasn’t the jobs he held, nor the home he had, not even the children or their children that was upmost in his life.  His life was dedicated to preaching.   As a youth, on the streets, (when that was still popular).  Later in churches, around Eastern Australia and then various places around the world, when he was invited.  He stopped counting how many churches when he reached 200.  And all that while working full-time until he retired from work.  He was still preaching two years ago.

An amazing man whose life was dedicated to telling people the Good News of God’s Word.

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