How I Was Reminded That God Cares About Little Things.

Small things are just co-incidences and really not worth dwelling on.  Or are they?  A lot of our lives is unspectacular, and yet, it is important and worth talking about.  And that’s what I want to let you know today.

I went out last night.  It was a meeting I had to attend and so it was important to me.  I got myself ready and had to leave home by 6:15 pm.  My enthusiasm ensured that I was ready on time, in fact at 6:00 pm.

In Context
Now, before I go further, I do need to let you know that I do not do the dishes three times per day.  Everything during the day is rinsed under the running tap, and before going to bed I fill the sink with hot soapy water and wash my dishes.  Rarely more than the drainer full, it is after all, only from one person.

And so it was last night.  The dishes were all rinsed and waiting to be washed before I would go to bed.  However, it was just six o’clock, and I was just filling in time.  Then it came to me, quite suddenly, that I could do the dishes NOW and I would not have to do them after the meeting.  There was plenty of time.

The dishes were done and I went off to my meeting.

Reason Revealed
I arrived home at 10:15 pm rather pleased with myself that I did not have to do the dishes and could make preparations to go to bed.  I was in the bathroom to wash my hands and discovered that the hot water tap was only giving very cold water.  Really, very cold.

I made a drink and went to bed.  And then it hit me.  Father God had given me the suggestion to do the dishes.  Of course he knew that there wouldn’t be any hot water to wash the dishes when I came home.  He did not want me to have the hassle of boiling water in the microwave before I would have been able to wash my dishes.

Realisation and Gratitude
I was suddenly filled with gratitude, that my Father in Heaven cared so much that he would put it in my head to wash the dishes when I normally wouldn’t, because he knew that I would not have hot water when I would normally have washed the dishes.  This is not a matter of life and death.  This is not a matter of starvation for the poor.  This is not a matter of a plea for healing.  Those are all things that we consider God would be concerned about, and he is!

This showed again a loving Father ensuring that I had the best he could give.  That was HOT water for my dishes and not the hassle of having to boil it.  In the scheme of things, insignificant.  For a Father who wanted to help his child, of significant importance.

When Jesus said: “… surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matt.28:20), he meant it.  It does not mean only, “when we call on him,” or “when we pray,” nor “when we are in trouble.”  It means ALL THE TIME.  Therefore, why would he not be interested in what we are doing, every single moment of every single day?  Don’t be burdened by living like you are all alone.  He is always there.

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Expect a break in regular posts as I travel to help my special needs brother.

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