The Unit Prepared in Time for Me (A)

After spending many years in China, I was amazed at how difficult it was to obtain affordable housing upon my return home.  This was a serious problem for a person whose income would be the pension.

Retirement Units
Friends warned me that Retirement Villages required hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Every affordable dwelling always had a few dozen applicants.  The case seemed hopeless.

However I held onto God’s word that nothing is impossible with him.  I continued my search and learned that Not for Profit organisations were less expensive and thus easier to get into to.  I had my name on several waiting lists while I stayed with the lady who had allowed me to share her home.

Keeping fit during this time was critical and so I was looking for an affordable gym too.  I wanted somewhere where I could go twice a week and within my financial ability to pay.

The Seniors organisation sent me a list of gyms in the area.  I went round to check them out.  I came to one, which for my requirements was unsuitable, but the organisation also had living units for retirees.  I enquired how I might get onto their waiting list too.

Prepared for Me.
At the meeting with the lady in charge, I was told that right at that moment there were two units available.  After six months of searching, it brought tears to my eyes.  Being shown the two units which had different layouts, I liked number 57.  It appeared to have all that I was looking for.

When I enquired about the financial arrangements I was given an amount that was way, way out of my reach.  However, there is also a system whereby, by paying daily rent, it is not necessary to pay the initial purchase price.  Then I was told that “…this is a lifetime tenancy.”  I burst into tears.  For the first time in my life I would have security of tenure in my accommodation.  It seemed too good to be true.

I instantly knew that this was the unit God had reserved for me, and I also knew that I would be at rest here.

Don’t be discouraged by the comments of those around you.  “Jesus said, “What is impossible with man is possible with God”” Luke 18:27.  There was never any doubt that I should find a place, I just had to be patient until I reached the correct location.  I am so happy in my own unit.

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