Learning to Really Listen Carefully All the Time

There’s this constant nagging thought  “I need some winter socks.”  There are many shops around and I often looked, but I could not find what I really wanted, to be comfortable and warm.

The time went by, and now winter is really here.  It is cold.  My thin nylon socks from summer just won’t give me comfort.  And again, that reminder that “I need some socks.”  But this time it was persistent.  Those socks had to be bought before it was too late.  I did not want to succumb to the cold.

Time to Act
Yesterday, I had to go to another suburb where there is a large shopping centre.  I knew one store there that very well might have what I wanted.  This time I did not forget.  The thought remained clearly in my mind, “I must go to that store to look for socks.”  And so I did.

Now what did I find?  Over and above all expectations, I got the most comfortable knee-hi socks with a comfort band which does not pinch the leg.  They are black and 80 denier, perfect for wearing under long pants and not too think for my shoes.  I was amazed.


One pack contained four socks and sold for the very reasonable price of $5.00.  I bought two packs and now have my socks for the winter.  And that is all they had.  The last two packs.

With so much going on it is just so easy to put aside the guiding that is constantly given.  We think that because it is a simple matter of life, that we don’t need the supernatural guidance.  The last sentence in Matthew’s gospel tells us that Jesus said, “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (28:20)  The gospels tell us how much he cared for all the needs of those he knew.  So, why would he not care for what we need today?

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