Fundamental Truth From My Student

It was May.  There were two students who came to my flat to ask so many questions.  And that was the day that I learned about my own inadequacies.

This was the one day in the week when I did not have classes.  My time was usually spent in programming lessons and / or getting housework done.  These two students would come in their lunch hour with plenty of questions.

The Problem
On this particular day the electricity was off.  That did not put me into a very congenial frame of mind.  I was irritated, that I could not do the washing in particular.

When the students came we sat in my bedroom next to the window so that we could see.  It all went well.  Many questions to answer for them and generally a good session.  Then the time was up.  They picked up their things and were ready to leave, when I said, “Without electricity I can’t do any of the things I need to do.”

My Surprise
The young lady turned to me with envy in her eyes, and said, “Oh teacher, you can spend the whole afternoon talking to Jesus.”  She was so enthusiastic about it all, that my ego melted.  I felt so inadequate and did not have a reply.

The Reminder
A month later I left that school and I received some gifts.  One was from this young lady.  It wasn’t anything spectacular, but to this day I still have it.  It has lost some of its shine but none of its meaning.  She was a brand new, or as some say, ‘baby,’ Christian.  She was the one who corrected me.

I was humbled beyond belief.   I had to examine everything that I was doing.  For, in the end, God can use anyone to correct us.

The Bible is so clear.  “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him …”  Romans 8:28  To remember that when all our plans are frustrated, is essential.  We often forget that, and mutter complaints as if we were on our own.  I needed to change and focus on the fact that Jesus is in control of ALL my circumstances.

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