From Depression to Joy for One Student.

She was the monitor in this class.  Therefore she collected the communication books.  The books I asked students to write in once a week.  My way of finding out what they would never say.

Clear Warning
Reading the monitor’s book’s entry, I became quite unsettled.  She outlined the difficulties she had getting along with her classmates.  It was the last sentence that really knocked me.  “Maybe I should just go to a high mountain and live there all alone.”It was not uncommon for students in tertiary institutions to succumb to the pressure of obligation, and thus suicide.  I feared that this young lady was on the road of despair.  Could I possibly ignore this cry for help?
Troubled Soul
I wrote an invitation for her to come and see me and talk about what she had written.  I included my phone number.  She rang and made an appointment.  It was then that I learned her life-long struggle to fit in.  To get on with people.  To just feel comfortable.

I was stressed out.  It was so sad to hear this lovely young lady being so distressed.  But what could I do.  I was a foreigner in her country.  I needed to help her.  While listening I talked to Jesus and asked his help.
Against all regulations, I introduced her to the reality of living following Jesus.  She listened, and then just had ONE question.  “Can Jesus change my relationship with other people?”  I replied “Yes,” and she asked “How?”  I admitted that I did not know.

Other than in class, I did not see her again, except a few times in church on the Sundays.  Then the winter holidays were due, and I asked her to come and see me.  I asked how she was, and did realise that she was much more motivated.  I simply asked, “Did Jesus change your relationship with other people?”  This time she replied, “Yes.”  Now I asked, “How?” and she replied that she did not know.
Real Change
To see the change in this lady and to see her positive outlook after the depressive attitude of the past, was such a joy.  Now my question, “Was it worth breaking the rules for?”  Foreign teachers were not permitted to introduce people to Jesus.  Should I just have left her to find any way out?
Should I have obeyed the authorities, or was I right to help a young lady in distress?  Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.  She was just as entitled to that rest as you and I are.  She went on well the rest of the time I knew her at that tertiary institution.

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