Should I Have Expected That This Was Possible?

The new buses in the city where I lived, ran in the centre of the road.  They were meant as an express service and therefore had far fewer stops than the regular buses.  They were a great way to safe time.

It was required to pay the fare into an unmanned box when entering the bus stop.  This meant that alighting and boarding was very quick and the bus could keep good time.  I paid my fare, 2 yuan and waited for the bus.
Wrong Bus!
After boarding the bus it turned the corner and I realised I was on the wrong bus.  I got off at the next stop and walked back.  Now I needed to pay the fare again.  I only had 1.9 yuan in coins.  What to do?

I asked Jesus for help.  What should I do?  Cheating was only a fleeting temptation.  I thought about asking a stranger to help me with some change.  However, there wasn’t anyone around.  I walked to the required bus stop, still wondering.
Provision Waiting
Upon arrival I came to the fares box.  Imagine my delight!  There on the rim of the box, were 10 fen sitting waiting.  There was not a single person in sight.  So, I accepted it as the shortfall of my fare.  I put 2 yuan into the fares box and entered the stop.

It was one more example of how things are organised when we trust in Jesus.  He has an answer to all our problems, big and small.  We just have to humble ourselves enough to know that we don’t have all the answers.
Do we really take Jesus at his word?  He said, “… surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the Age.” Matthew 28:20  When we take this seriously, then we don’t always panic at our problems but ask him for help. 

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