How Hidden Cancer Was Found When Said to be Impossible

How far will co-incidents really go?  Could it all just have been “luck”?  Tell me what you think of the following.

I had undiagnosed chest pain.  I was looking for acupuncture for relief, as I had done in China.  My doctor told me about another doctor who practised acupuncture.  This doctor took my medical history.  He then said, “You have gallbladder problems.  I want an ultrasound.”  Then he treated my chest pain.
A New Problem
Suddenly I had a new problem to worry about.  That had not been my intention.

The ultra sound found an immovable object in my gallbladder.  This doctor sent me to Emergency and asked for an MRI.  The MRI led to a specialists appointment.  Within three months I had my gallbladder removed.  Probably a record low waiting time.
Cancer Again
Pathology confirmed that the immovable object was cancer.

Now you have to know that it is generally accepted that gallbladder cancer CANNOT be diagnosed.  In most cases it is a death sentence.  So, how did this doctor know?

I don’t know how he knew.  I do know this.  The chest pain led to a doctor for acupuncture.  The doctor sent me for a scan.  The scan led to Emergency.  That resulted in an MRI and specialist appointment.  That led to surgery.  That means that the cancer is out of my body.  And all of that in less than three months.
Was all that a co-incident?  Or was it the fulfilment of a promise?  Jesus wanted to comfort his followers and told them, “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)  He is able to step in and solve problems for his followers, even before we know we have the problem.

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