Rescued From Terrifying Assault

It was Saturday afternoon.  I was on the phone to my friend.  Then a knock on the front door.  So we hung up and I went to open the door.
A Problem
An indigenous man mumbled something about John.  I told him that there wasn’t any John in this house.  I wanted to close the door.  He successfully kept it open by putting his hammer in the way.

I was on slippers, standing facing the door.  He managed to get in and stood with his back to the door.  I had both my hands on the hammer he had.  He also held the hammer at each end.  So what could I do?
Where is There Help?
I remembered how Paul had rebuked the evil spirit in Acts 16:18.  I called out as loud as I could, “In the name of Jesus,” and could not think of anything to finish it with.  So I called it out again.

The man used his right fist to hit the left of my face.  He repeated many times, “Shut up!”  However, I kept repeating my half sentence.  Then the change.
Rescue Arrives
Suddenly he let go of the hammer.  He put his left hand behind his back.  He looked straight past me now.  Fear filled his face as he said, “OK, I’ll go.”  With that, the turned, opened the door and ran.  I was standing there with a hammer in my hands, sore and shaking.

I called police, who came within minutes.  Then a friend took me to hospital to get checked out.  And my mind was on, “What did he see?”  It was behind me.  I did not see anything.  But I know who I called on.  And I know that He organised my deliverance.
We are frequently urged not to stand on our own feet but to depend on the Lord.  Paul’s example in Acts 16:18, when he said, “In the name of Jesus I command you to come out of her!”, should be our example.  Don’t fight it on your own when the powers of heaven are standing by to help you.

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