The Startling Breakthrough of Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.  The shops are mostly closed and many people are away on holidays or day trips.  We will have the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal.  And some of us will go to Church.  In all our busyness, will we remember why Good Friday is different from any other Friday?  

Breakthrough on the Cross

Like Anzac Day, Good Friday is a memorial day when we remember the fact that Jesus died on a cross some 2000 years ago.  Why is that relevant to us today?  Because it is not only mentioned in the Bible but is also recorded by the historians of the time.  He died on a cross because the rulers of the day feared his radical preaching.

When he died on that cross, he infact fulfilled the mission God had given him, to pay the price for all the evil in the world, past, present and to come.  And that was only possible because he himself was perfectly obedient to God, his Father.  Those facts are recorded in the Bible.

Why GOOD Friday?

Now what does that have to do with us, 2000 years later?  There isn’t anyone alive who has not done something that was wrong.  Neither me nor you.  We can apologise all we like, but inside we continue to feel bad.  There isn’t anything that will take that away.  That is why it is important that Jesus already paid the price and that we do not have to carry the burden.

Good Friday is the day we remember what Jesus did, but we also rejoice in the fact that we were given the opportunity to be free from guilt.  That is the one thing that most of humanity longs for.

Before Jesus died, he said, “It is finished.” John 19:30.  What was finished?  He had finished paying the price for all the evil that had and would occur in this world.  That was his gift to us.  It is a gift that we have to accept in humility, knowing we can’t fix the problem ourselves.  I have.  Will you?

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