Receiving Perfection for Purpose

I ask why an employee, any employee, would go to an extraordinary length to serve a client.  It might be out of pride for the job.  It might be to be noticed.  Or it might just be because they care.
Unsuccessful Search
On 11.01.2019, I searched everywhere to find a temporary step to stand on.  It should be about 10cm high and large enough for me to stand on safely.  I was unsuccessful and when I saw him in the cafe, I asked Mark from maintenance for some suggestions,.  I explained that it was to do some of the physio exercises to try and get me to walk efficiently after five years of struggle.
Perfect for Purpose
On 14.01.2019, while I was at the gym, the result of that discussion was placed in front of my door.  Five pieces of wood with a piece of five ply on top.  Perfectly fits the purpose.

But can you imagine my surprise and delight, when I saw the top covered with a piece of carpet?  Now, that was not necessary, neither was it requested.  However, it shows a mind that was not just thinking of a ‘job’ but also of my comfort.  I am so grateful.
It is easy to say, “Well there are good people in the world.”  As a child of God, I can claim the same words as the psalmist wrote:  “My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”  Ps.121:2 because God is interested in my well being all the time.  This act of kindness came because God is interested in EVERYTHING that I need. 

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