Will You Place Your Hope in the Almighty?

The specialist confirmed, after visual examination, that this was Colon Cancer.  That word that none of us want to hear spoken into our lives.  I left his surgery and walking back to the bus stop, burst into tears.  What’s next?
Never Alone
First thing was to call a good friend.  She said, “Remember, God is still in charge.  He can do ANYTHING.  Doctors only diagnose what they can see.”  Then we prayed together.

My colonoscopy was booked for ten days later.  It was on the following Sunday in church that things moved.  After the service, there was the opportunity to be prayed for.  I went for prayer.
The Almighty Works
While waiting my turn, I just put my mind on God and his goodness.  And while standing there, hands raised, the power of God came down.  I was thrown to the floor.  No one came to pray for me.  I lay there for some 20 minutes.  Then I got up.  Most people had gone, so I went home too.

Next day I was busy and in the evening, noticed that there was no pain.  I told my house mate that I really thought I had been healed of the Colon Cancer.
Miraculous Result
Following Friday, off to the colonoscopy.  Awakening from the anaesthetic I was told that everything was alright.  No problems.

Four weeks later the follow up visit to the specialist; “Can you explain this?” was the first question.  I related the events of the intervening Sunday, and the changes in my condition since then.  He questioned me extensively.  Finally he said, “I have to agree with you, God healed you.”  He wrote that in the medical record (pre computers), signed it and wished me all the best.
From way, way back in history, we have God’s word in Exodus 15:26 “… for I am the Lord, who heals you.”  This has never changed.  Specialists have wonderful skills and are important in our lives.  However, they never have the FINAL word.  Always go to Father God and ask him what the reality of the situation is.  In many instances he will use his own power to heal you.

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