The Unit Prepared in Time for Me (B)

I settled into my new unit and felt safe and secure.  Still settling into our culture after all those years in China, I was still quite stressed, but over the months and years, that all came good.  And then …

It really was wonderful to live in my own little unit and know that I would not be asked to move for any reason whatsoever.  (Unforeseen emergencies excepted.)  I paid both rent and a daily maintenance fee.  The two together were still under the commercial costs for a similar unit.

In the maintenance fee was included the water, hot and cold, and the heating.  Wonderful central heating which was available 24/7 all year round.  It was wonderful in winter to have the unit at about 23oC day and night.  I could not have asked for more.

When we have received God’s provision it is so easy to fall for the trap that we are wrong in our choice.  It firs came four years after I had moved in.  The boiler which supplied hot water and heating, was at the end of its live.  It needed to be replaced.  That would mean a lot of the infrastructure around it would need to be upgraded.  Cost, somewhere near $1 million.

There were investigations and the result was that it would be withdrawn in total.  Each building would receive solar hot water panels for all those in the units.  Heating would be supplied by the use of air-conditioners.  Those were installed in each unit and the residents to be responsible for the cost of the electricity.

There was a lot of discussion.  “This isn’t fair.”  “It will cost too much.”  “We pay for it in our maintenance fee.”  Etc.  Nothing did any good and we had to accept the air-conditioners and pay the electricity.  But then it came to me, the answer to all this.  I sat down and said out loud, “Jesus, when you gave me this unit you knew that in four years the heating would be discontinued.  Thank you for four years of heating.  I know that you have this all in hand.  Thank you.”

Peace flooded over my soul.  Each month I just pay the bill, knowing that Jesus knows my means and has it all under control.  I was ashamed that I had joined in the negative complaints.

Jesus said it so clearly, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow …” Matthew 6:33-34.  I did not know that the heating was going to be removed, and from month to month I do not know how my money will work out.  But it always does when Jesus is in charge, just as is promised.

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