Giving New Hope to the Hopeless

To meet people who treat you as an individual.  To learn that there are people who give you value.  All that leads to life changes.  It made me look at myself differently.  It made me realise that there was hope for me.

Hopelessness drives a person insane and eventually kills.  That is the stage I was at when Julie and Bob met me.  But they had something which was amazing.  They had hope.  I could not understand it at the beginning.  It was all very, very strange.
Being Trusted
Then they showed that they trusted me.  Can you imagine, a person who has recently been in a psychiatric hospital, being asked to look after three precious little girls.  They saw the God potential.  They showed that, by trusting me.  They asked me to look after their little girls for a whole day.

If anything stands out as a milestone in my healing it was the trust.  It was like they said, “We see what you should be, not what you have been.”  Oh, if there had just been someone who would have said that earlier.  Much pain may have been avoided.

And so, for a whole day, I was the adult that three little girls looked to for their entertainment, meals and safety.  We went out to a park.  We made lunch and ate together.  We played games.
Hope Found
From that point on, I think that my life was changing rapidly.  That was the reason I reached the day when my life changed forever.  But it was the trust that catapulted that.
We have a story in the Bible of when Jesus met Zacchaeus and went to his house.  “All the people saw this and began to mutter, “He has gone to be the guest of a sinner.” (Luke 19:7).  He went to someone who was broken and unworthy.  Zacchaeus changed.  And that is what Julie and Bob did for me.

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