How to See the Sunset on a Stormy Day.

I just wanted to see the sun after a day of very thick cloud cover.

This Sunset Tour had been planned for some months.  It was my birthday present to my friend.  This was special.  The top on the list was good sunset photos.  I had been talking to Father God to get a sunset that would be memorable.

The day came.  My friend stayed at my place so that we could make an early start.  First drive to the railway station.  Park the car in an “all day” zone.  Catch the train into the city.  Go to the Hotel where the bus would pick us up.  There were eleven other passengers, all from overseas.  All wanting to see this sunset.

It was a great tour.  A great Guide come Driver.  There was a lot of information about the places we passed through and stopped at.  It promised a lot for the sunset.
Sunset in Doubt
Until early afternoon.  The sky clouded over.  The wind was cold.  The showers constant.  Our guide mentioned the possibility of not seeing any more sun that day.  I remembered my request and told him that we would see a sunset.

Finally we arrived.  Twenty minutes to sunset.  Heavy dark clouds covered the ocean and the sky.  Hearts were despondent.  However, I knew that I had asked my Father for a Sunset.  We waited.  Photographed the surroundings in the fading light.
Sunset Breakthrough
And then the breaks.  The clouds moved, ever so little.  The glow was like a fire on the ocean.  All the crowd at the tourist attraction, clicked away with their cameras.  It lasted a few minutes.  And then it was gone.I just wanted to see the sun after a day of very thick cloud cover.had granted his daughter’s wish.  We saw the beautiful orange surrounded by the dark clouds.  We saw what we came for.  I saw what I’d asked for, a memorable sunset.

Fire on the Ocean
I just wanted to see the sun after a day of very thick cloud cover.

If we would just do what we have been told.  It could not be clearer.  “Ask and it will be given to you …” (Matthew 7:7) and “… You do not have because you do not ask.” (James 4:2)  With all the negative talk I was determined to continue to hold onto this.  I had asked and Father would provide.  And he did.

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