You Can Receive Free Direction Too.

It all started with an ad on the TV.  “Try the hearing aid for free without obligation” was the hook, and I was caught.  I rang and made an appointment, entered it into my calendar and continued my life.

It was Monday.  It was a busy day.  Early to the gym and then some cooking before getting very busy on the computer.  It wasn’t until exactly one o’clock that I suddenly remembered that I had an audiologist appointment.

I flew into panic.  It was eleven this morning, right?  I rang to apologise that I’d missed the appointment.  With my other hand I found my calendar and there it was, 2 p.m. audiologist appointment.  Just then the phone was answered, and in my panic I apologised and explained that I had just found out that I had to get there within an hour.

When I calmed down I realised that I would have to leave home in forty minutes.  It is actually quite close.  But how come that I “thought” of it EXACTLY one hour before it was due?  Then I realised that Father God had been looking after his daughter one more time.  He must have seen that I was so absorbed in my chores that I would miss my appointment, so he put it into my mind.

For You Too
Just keep close and leave space for God’s voice to come through, and you will see that he will never let you down.  He is always talking to you about anything that affects your live and anything that he wants to do with you.  I don’t know what I would do without him now.

When a woman highlighted Jesus humanity and the family where he grew up, he replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  Luke 11:28.  Listening to and hearing the word God has for you, any time of the day or night, will give you security in the most difficult situations.  It guides you on your way.  And you can ask for help too.

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