The Continuous Broadcast Free to Listen to

One of the numerous jobs I have done in my life was to be a Tupperware Demonstrator.  Now, that congers up numerous images for different people.  But it was a good experience, especially the different contests they had for Demonstrators.

The Challenge
I don’t recall what the particular challenge was, I just know that I achieved it, so I knew that I would be in the draw.  These draws are always very demonstrative and there is a lot of cheering and clapping.

Prior Notice
On the morning of the draw I awoke and after breakfast had my usual prayer time.  Then I heard that familiar soft voice of the Lord, “You are going to win the draw this morning.”

I put on my best clothes and went to the meeting.  I did not speak about the draw or anything related to it.  I also knew that there were very many people who were keen to win the prize.

After the business part of the meeting, and having had all of the qualifiers’ names placed in the barrel, excitement really increased.  I just sat there and joined in as much as I could.  After all, I knew who the winner would be.

When my name was drawn out as I expected, I was asked why I wasn’t jumping up and down with joy.  I just told them that I was really happy and did not need to jump.

I went home with my beautiful 20 piece black Mikasa dinner set.  Those were the days when I still kept things to myself and did not testify to what the Lord had done.

Everyone knows that the radio and TV broadcast the whole day yet we do not hear it.  That is, we don’t hear it until we turn on the appliance.  In the same way, God is speaking to us ALL the time but unless we turn our ears to listen, well we won’t hear it.  Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice.” (John 10:27)  That indicates that there is an action required to actually listen if you want to hear.

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