This is Protection Greater Than You Can Imagine.

One thing that I have been very skeptical about is visions.  Yes, I know that the Bible talks about visions and that they are real.  But still, there is something so uncertain, so vague that I have found it very difficult to come to terms with.  That is until …

It happened one morning about three years ago, when I was meditating on my whole living situation.  There were a few issues and I was not sure how I was going to be able to overcome them.  Even with so much experience of God’s provision, there are still times when you might ask, “How?”

The Vision
As I was sitting on my couch, and going over these things wondering how God was going to lead me through them, I saw it so clearly.  There was a young lass walking along a road.  I could see her only from the rear, but I instantly knew that it was myself.  I recognised the bow in my hair and the clothes I was wearing.  I sat and looked.

Then these huge legs came into the picture.  As this person walked behind me and came into view, also from the rear and up to about the waist, I knew (but have no way of proving it) that it was Father God.

I was spell bound.  Although I know I have a relationship with Father God, I had never imagined it to be like that.  I continued to watch.  As he was much bigger than me in the vision, he soon caught up.  As he did, his left hand took his cloak and draped it around my shoulders.  From that point we walked on together.

So what was that telling me?

My Realisation
No matter what the issues are that I have had to overcome, or what problem I might still have to face, I am always protected by my Father.  He has covered me with his cloak from my childhood.  What security!  What certainty!  What rest!  What comfort!

I have not forgotten the vision and it is an enormous help whenever I have to face any issue that may be uncomfortable or difficult.

Again there are many places the Bible talks about the protection of the followers of Jesus.  Even in the Old Testament, the protection before Jesus was born.  Psalm 42:4 (in part) “… I remember as I pour out my soul … under the protection of the Mighty One …” The psalmist realised that he lived under protection.  We do too.  It pays to remember that frequently and act accordingly.  That is how we see the works of God called, ‘miracles’

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