Do you know that the problem is already fixed?

The call came from the hospital and it was mentioned that my special needs brother would be having surgery on 5th March.  I quickly corrected the doctor and said that it was scheduled for the 15th.  She replied that it had been changed.  I had already made all my train bookings to be there for him at the later date.  

My first instinct was to jump into panic mode.  Would I be able to get the seat on the train on the days that are necessary?  I stopped and immediately admitted that this was no surprise in heaven.  God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit had known this would happen from eternity.  Gathering my wits about me I immediately said, “Jesus, you’ve known that this change would come.  Please help me to get everything changed.”

The train ticket was no problem at all.  There was no cost involved as it was more than a week before travel.  As a bonus I was able to get exactly the same seats on the new dates.  Now I was beaming.  God had it all under control.  As I sat here rejoicing, I suddenly realised another advantage of the date change.

There is a conference planned at our church.  I had been looking forward to that until the surgery date interfered.  The dates had clashed, I was so disappointed not to be able to attend.  But now, well, I will be back before the conference begins.  Could things get better?  Well, they did.  The company where I have some shares has it’s meeting after I get back home.  That’s the other bonus.

The word of God says, “Before they call I will answer” Isaiah 65:24.  Before I knew I needed it, God had everything in place to ensure, not only that I would be there for the surgery, but also that I could attend the things I really wanted to.  I am a child of God.  As a good father, he had foreseen the change and ensured that everything would be for my best.  An example of how you can trust God to be on your side.

God is so Good.

2 thoughts on “Do you know that the problem is already fixed?

  1. What a wonderful example of how quickly the Holy Spirit comes alongside us when our circumstances intimidate us and reminds us how the Kingdom works and turns all things together for good!

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