Surprised By The Revealing Lesson From A Four Year Old

Who are our teachers?

In the gospel of John 13:13-14, Jesus makes it clear that he is our teacher.  We are to learn from him and follow him.  Sometimes Jesus uses others to teach us, and that can be very powerful.

I had not been home from Europe long, when my four-year-old nephew came to spend the day with me.  It was a thrill for me because I had been away for so long, so we spent an enjoyable time together.

When I went to get us a drink from the fridge, I remembered a piece of important paper that had slid between the fridge and the wall.  I had not been able to get it out.

I said, “Terry, see that piece of paper, can you put your hand in there to get it out for me?”  He tried to get his little hand into the gap, but it proved to be too big for the even littler gap.

He looked up at me, and said, “No I can’t aunty, you will have to move the fridge.”

“I can’t because it is too heavy,” was my reply.

There was no hesitation, and with the confidence that only a four-year-old can muster he said, “My Dad can.”  He was talking about my brother.

Those words hit me so hard that I have remembered them many times since that day.  The four-year-old is now going on fifty, and those words still ring clearly in my ear.  A child having the confidence in his Father.

I am a child of God.  We speak about it.  We sing the song.  But what do we do when we are faced with a problem, large or small?  We seek out anyone who may know more than we do, to help us over the problem.  But if we had the faith of even a little child, we would immediately say, “I can’t, but my Dad can.”  How much stress we could avoid if we had the childlike attitude of who we really are.  How many miraculous events could we have reported about God our Father acting on our behalf?

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