Understanding the Universality of God’s Love

The universality of God’s love is so great, it really amazes me.  It was way back in the 1960’s, before I had ever met Bob or Julie.  I had been well churched when growing up, but I had never heard of the reality of living a life that really followed Jesus.

I had for quite a while suffered from mouth ulcers.  I had done all the things that you are told to do by experts and by friends.  This included putting salt on the ulcers to burn them as well as many less drastic measures.  Nothing got rid of the ulcers for more than a matter of hours.  It was very painful.

Stepping Out
There was a free day, no work to attend to, so I decided to go to the local Catholic church which had a Mass that morning.  I remember sitting on the very last pew.  As the communion service drew near, I said, quietly under my breath, “Jesus, if a woman could be healed because she touched your clothes, then my mouth can be healed when it touches the communion.”

I went forward to receive the communion wafer, and as I walked back to my seat I conscientiously touched each of the ulcers with the communion wafer.  I thought no more of the episode and went on with the rest of my day.

Next morning is when I first noticed the difference.  My mouth was totally clear.  There weren’t any ulcers in my mouth at all.  I rejoiced when I realised what had happened.  Sad part was that I knew I could not proclaim it among the church goers that I knew then.  After the initial euphoria wore off, I just forgot the whole episode.  However I never ever had mouth ulcers again.

As a result of learning about what being a Christian (as opposed to a Church Goer) really means, and after I was healed, the memory of my first healing came back to me.  This is an example to me of the fact that Jesus will heal anyone who comes to him and asks.  Years later when I became a bible believing Christian, I knew why.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest,”(Matt. 11:28)  And I realise that he was not just speaking to his followers.  The “all” actually means ‘all’.  It includes every single person who will go to him, whether they identify as “christian” or not.  No one will be rejected.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding the Universality of God’s Love

  1. Love this, Ria!
    There is power, power wonder-working power in the precious blood of the lamb …
    I recently read Communion by Beni Johnson and it has opened up a whole new dimension of intercession.

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