Day 31 – The Challenge Finished, What’s Next?

12 February 2019   –

Today is the final day of the Challenge, and I have achieved it all.  It is absolutely amazing that I have written almost 18 thousand words in one month.  I would never have believed that that was possible.  But I have done it once.  Now I have to prove that I can do it again.

Let’s see what I actually did.  I first wrote about the topics that were the closest to my heart.  These are the things that I live with and am grateful for each day.  They are the Memory Stones that keep me going through the rough times.

These are also the first draft of the material for my book.  Of course there is a lot of editing, a lot of referencing and generally looking up dates and details,  All of that is possible, but not in the process of a challenge.  There will be a lot of work which is not the actual writing work.  That will enhance things a lot and make it into a cohesive story.

It has been interesting to note, that once I got past these initial stories, it was a lot more difficult to keep up the momentum of writing.  This has taught me that I must sit down with my pile of letters and find the significant events and dates.  In some cases the names are also very important.  When places and people are in place, then the story has a way of coming to life.

I do have to ask some questions.

Am I going to write daily, like the 500 word Challenge, or am I going to set aside one day a week to write?  The latter would fit in better with my full calendar but may not be so easy to keep up the momentum.  Also, how far will I go with what to include?  There has to be a solid frame.  A lot of unconnected incidents may make a good short story, but I doubt that that format would keep interest when reading a book.  Yes, there is an awful lot yet to learn.

But for today, it is this blog.  The 31 Day Challenge is done and deserves to get a decent ending.  I have been sitting here thinking of that and am not sure whether I have it together.  I started this Blog to show that I had a commitment to this exercise, it was out there for everyone to see.  And I want to keep the blog going, but probably be a bit more serious about what I write.  By serious I mean, ensure that I have references and details correct, not roughly so.  To do that on a daily base will likely be way too much work.  However, if I did it on a weekly basis, then I would have a lot more time to ensure the details are correct.

It’s amazing how much choice I have.  Imagine having to do it according to a particular script.  I think that I would give up at the first word.  However, being free to go ahead in my own direction makes me enthusiastic to create something good.

I think that I will start with some of the lessons I learned from Scripture, and say why they are important to me, and follow on from there.  

But for this exercise it is GOODBYE!!!!

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