Day 30 – What do You Think of My Unit?

11 February 2019 

There’s this little unit that I live in.  It has the living area which includes a kitchenette, large enough for me.  This area is set up as office, lounge room and kitchen, without walls in between.  It is great because I can watch anything cooking while I watch TV or keep an eye on the TV while doing the dishes.  Of course there is always the radio which is on more frequently than the TV.

The same length but a little narrower, is the bedroom bathroom area.  The bedroom, with the built in robe, also has a small cabinet and a tall bookcase.  This does not leave a lot of room for walking, but as there is no door to the outside, I do not walk through the bedroom.  

Off the bedroom is the bathroom, which is also the toilet and the laundry.  There is a nice bench with a basin and cupboards underneath, as well as a small cupboard on the wall.  There is plenty of room for the very old washing machine which I bought second hand off the sons of a resident who passed away.  They didn’t want it and I was louoking for a second hand machine, so it was a perfect time to buy.  Also meant that there wasn’t any freight involved, being in the same Community.  The shower is the full width of the bathroom, and a little longer than a regular bath.  It was built to also be able to accomodate a wheelchair person or a carer with the resident.  I thank God that I don’t need either, but enjoy being able to hang the towel IN the shower, far enough away so it will not get wet.

Along the south side of my unit is a closed in veranda which is the length of the width of both the living area and the bedroom.  It is about a metre wide and a great place to store things that are not required daily.  The door to that veranda leads to the part of the garden where there is an enormous tree which casts a shadow over that whole area.  There is not much growing there.

Out the front door I am in a corridor off which there are six units, all the same size.  As I am the last one, I am near another door to the garden, but this is on the eastern side.  That is where I have done some work to grow vegetables on the spare pieces of ground.  It is therapuetic to be able to grow and harvest some food.

It is impossible to tell you how much it means to be in a retirement community and for the first time in my life have a unit I can call my own.  Inside this littel home, I am the boss.  Last year I had some below bench cupboards made into drawers, and it has given me not only more room, but also access to everything that was in there.  No more crawling in underneath to find items.

To have a comfortable and adequate home has always been a dream and I never realised that it was able to come true.

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