Day 27 – Poverty and Reunion

8 February 2019

This lady walked along the road and came upon a box in which was a tiny little baby.  It must have been just born and lucky to still be alive.  She was a single lady but had compassion on this infant, so took it home.  There, when undoing the bundle it was tied up in she saw that it was a little boy and that he had a very severe cleft palate.  

Very likely the poor people that he was born to, did not know what to do with such a medical situation and just put him on the road with the hope that someone who could help him, would.

When I got to know them the lad was six years old and could barely be understood.  His speech was so bad and his life was not the best.  In those days, any kind of disability was still very much discriminated against.  However, the young lady cared for him and worked hard to get him the very basic care that he needed.  Obviously he needed major surgery, but that was out of the question on her income.

After making the situation known in my newsletter we had the joy to be able to tell the young mother that her little foundling could have surgery.  There was so much joy and such a hope that it swept most of us off our feet.  After the surgery there was a lot of therapy to help his speech and in general make his life as good as it could be.

This success in helping people with circumstances that were insurmountable, was the catalyst for further action.

Through a lady who was working for a charitable agency I learned that there were some babies in hospital, whose parents had not come to collect them.  The rule was that after a certain amount of time the children would be put into a State orphanage and the State would pay the bill.  It tore me to pieces to think that because of the lack of money, and infant would be deprived of her parents.  And of course, the mother would be deprived of her infant.  Time to go and investigate.

First step was going to the hospital and telling them what I had on my mind.  Can you help me to try and find the parents and see what we can arrange?  Can you discount the amount owed in anyway so that it may be more manageable?

The first question was easy to get an answer to; the second a bit more difficult.  Eventually we got nearly 50% discount.

Next thing was to find the parents.  We found a family who had four daughters, including the one in the hospital.  The father had had all his land taken off him for defying the one child policy.  None of the farmers dared give him a job for fear of being punished and so they were extremely poor.  

I had a photo of the baby on my camera and showed it to the mother, who just wept and wept.  A long discussion entailed and we were able to ascertain how much money the parents were able to provide.  With the money I had from gifts for just such occasions I was able to go back to the hospital and tell them that with their discount, we could pay the bill.

When the parents came to collect the infant it is impossible to describe the joy.  This tiny baby, just 31 days old had not seen her parents for 28 days.

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