Day 26 – Obedience is Amazing

7 February 2019

If you read my first post you will be well aware, as I am, that I am way over committed.  And I am not the only one who thinks so.

Yesterday morning’s reading stated that “…we are created [for] good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  And here I am again confronted with the reality that even ‘good works’ can be the wrong thing to do at times.

Take me in my current situation.  I have now known for five years that I am to write a book.  Three years ago there was an American preacher came to our church, and when he came to me in the prayer line, he did not pray for me initially.  He started to tell me that I was writing and that God was reading it.  First question: How did he know I was meant to be writing a book?  Only God could have told him and that shocked me.  Problem is, I have not started writing.

I am so busy doing ‘good works,’ reading to the aged, helping school kids who need extra help, helping to keep the trees healthy in our urban open areas, etc., that I am not doing what I have been told I should be doing.  If this was anyone else, I know exactly what I would say to them.  But this is ME.

The world screams at us every day with all the multiple needs, and with empathy, we want to help those who need it.  However, that is not correct if it means we neglect what God has told us to do.  Busyness, which leads to disobedience, will eventually take us down a road we do not wish to go.  Then we will regretfully look back and rue the fact that we did not do what was most important, first.

I don’t really think that I am the only person who has walked this course because the noise we hear from the world all around us is so distracting.  But now I have to get into gear.  Writing is going to have to have priority, and this blog is the first of that.  I am giving myself three years to finish the book, and this blog is much of the raw material for that.

If you are reading this and it resonates with you as you are in a similar situation, well then, maybe my change of direction will encourage you to change direction.  There is one thing to remember all the way, which gives courage to go on.  We were never meant to be perfect before we would receive God’s love.  He loved us long before we knew he cared.  I was healed before I cared and not because I was perfect.  Logically it is impossible for God now to give up.  He is there and encouraging each and every one to just go on with the correct way.  Wow, that’s love.

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