Day 25 – Suitable Jobs

6 February 2019

At a time when work was difficult to secure, I got a job which was totally suited to my skills.  It required an enormous attention to detail.  It was investigative and it was basically independent.

The day I started I was given a large pile of invoices which had come in from depots all over Australia.  On the other hand I was given a wad of bank statements with unreconciled amounts on them.  The instructions were simple; we want to know which amount from a depot matches which amount on the bank statements.

Going through all that, making phone calls, cross referencing items; all of those skills were important.  In eleven months I had the unmatched amounts down to $200, and the company decided that that would be written off.

My job was finished.

Knowing that I did what they considered, such an excellent job, I was transferred over to another section.  It turned out that that work was totally beyond me, and when I broke down one day just as the manager walked past my desk, he phoned my supervisor and told her to bring me to his office.

I explained what had happened and how it had affected me.  He said, “We know you are a good worker.  However, there are horses for courses and this course isn’t suitable for you.  We will look around the company to see whether there is any other job we can use you in.”  This suited me well, and I was given some clerical work to do while this search went on.

Less than a week later I got the sad news, there was no other job in the company that could use the skills that I had.  I was given six weeks to find another job.  I could take as much time as was necessary to go for interviews and associated activities.

I walked out of the manager’s office and said, under my breath, “Thank you Jesus.  If you have taken this job away from me then you must have another job for me.”  I had total peace.

I checked newspapers and job advertisements and sent in resume’s.  Then I got the interview that led to my next job.  It was within the time I had been given, so I had a holiday and started my new job when I returned.  No unemployed days between those two jobs.

It is true that when we meet a problem that we don’t know how to fix, we quickly turn to Jesus for help, but in the everyday matters of life that we are familiar with, well, we don’t need to ask for help.  Again, as I said in an earlier post, the old song says it so well;

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

The wisdom of the world is all around us and it is so easy to follow it, but it does not lead us to worry free pathways.  The eternal God who has our future in his hands, he will lead us in the way we should go, if only we ask.

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