Day 22 – Pass It On

3 February 2019         

Being aware of God’s goodness, his protection, his provision, his healing and his constant interest in what you are doing, changes you.  I am no exception.

This happened on a Sunday.  I went, as usual to the local church, capacity around 600 and always crowded.  The church was located about 100 metres from the main road, up a lane, from wall to wall barely two car widths wide.  Most people came by bike and the forecourt of the church was the parking area where the bikes were parked very close together to get as many as possible in.

After the service I met up with my “secretary”, a local lady who wanted to help me with the classes I had in my home.  As a local she was the perfect go between for me to the parents of the children.  I called her my ‘secretary’ because I could just tell her what the issue was and she would find the ‘chinese’ way of solving it for me.

On this day we came out of church and started to wheel our bikes along the path to the road, together with hundreds of others.  The lane had narrowed due to the opportunistic sellers setting up their stalls with whatever goods or food they were offering.  Therefore progress was slow.

As we were moving along I noticed on the other side of the lane a man sitting there with his trousers rolled up to his knee, revealing a huge open ulcer.  It was awful, and I concentrated on moving along with the crowd.  Then God spoke, very clearly, “Go back and help that man.”

I said to my ‘secretary’, “We have to go back to help that man.”  Her instant reply was, “There are so many people like that in China, we can’t help them all.”  I agreed with her and said, “Yes, you are right, but here and now there is only ONE man and we can help ONE man.”  We struggled to turn around with our bikes, and move against the throng of people still coming out of church.

With my ‘secretary’ translating, I learned that this man had a doctor who helped him for free, but he could not purchase the medication that he needed because he did not have any money.  He was lame in his legs and had a large three wheeler which he moved with hand pedals.  It appeared that he lived together with a friend who was mentally disabled but physically well.  This friend helped him in and out of his three wheeler and he helped his friend in making decisions.  They lived by scrounging empty bottles and selling them to be recycled.  That was the money they had for food.

After the whole discussion we made arrangement to go to the nominated hospital on the following Wednesday and meet him there.  The doctor checked his condition, prescribed the treatment and medication.  I paid for the treatment and my secretary went to find where to purchase the medication.  It all took about two hours and it certainly did not break the bank.  The cost was substantial, but not excessive, however for people in his situation, impossible.

Of course there were many ‘thank you’s’, but I could only point to what I had received for free, my whole new life.  Compared to that, this expense was miniscule.

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