Day 20 – Protection Unawares.

  1 February 2019

Now in the field of Faith and Belief there are a lot of things that are not so easy to accept.  I am very practical.  One might say that you have to show me with bricks and mortar, or maybe pen and ink.  But visions?  Come on, anyone can imagine anything, and I can never be sure.  I will stick to what I can feel and handle.

Until ………………

Well, I could not deny it.  It happened one morning when I was having my quiet time.  I was sitting on the couch and thinking about the things that God has done for me over the years.  His goodness in so many ways that I cannot deny.

Then I saw my younger self walking along a road.  There weren’t any houses, just trees and nature.  I could not say whether it was a park or a rural location, just that it was very serene.

I could see myself walking away, that meant I had a rear view.  It was unclear where I was heading and then I saw this person coming into view, following on behind me.  I saw a man’s legs and feet and the purple cloak that he was wearing, which came down to well below his knees.  I instantly knew it was Father God.

I am not sure whether my younger self was aware of anyone following because she did not look back.  As Father God’s steps were much longer than my younger self’s, he soon caught up with me.  And then he held out his cloak on his left side, put it around me, and then we just walked on together.  Then the vision faded.

So what should I make of that?  It is not something that would just be discarded.  I have related some incidents that occurred when I was quite young, and these came to mind.  So what was I to make of all of this?

The most important message that came into my mind was, “I have always been looking after you and caring for you.”  At this I broke into tears.  I was remembering the time in Germany when I could no longer see a future.  I was looking at times that were difficult at school and at menial jobs I had worked at when a teenager, and suddenly it all came together.  Father God had been caring for me all that time, and I had not known about it.

However, now I do know about it, and each time there is a difficulty of any kind, I am able to remind myself that I walk under Father God’s cloak; his protection.

So, here is the question, and it is one everyone can get answered:  “How is Father God protecting you, and you are not aware of it?”  This is important.  It can make all the difference between you depending on futile efforts you make yourself, or being able to relax and depend on Father God.  The best way to find out is to ask him.

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