Day 16 – Cancer Again!

 28 January 2019      

“The doctor requires you to come to the clinic on 8th June” was the message I got over the phone.  I knew I had an appointment for the 22nd, but that had been cancelled.  Puzzled. I hung up the phone and changed my calendar.

I faced the young doctor who had performed the operation under the supervision of the senior specialist.  “Pathology have confirmed that there was cancer in your gallbladder.  As a result we will need to do further surgery to remove part of your liver, lymph nodes, etc.” she said.   I sat there looking at her and quietly said, “I don’t think so.”

“If you were a lot younger we would insist, but because of your age we can alternatively have you come in every three months for the next five years to do scans to ensure that the cancer is not growing in your body,” was her next suggestion.  I repeated, “I don’t think so.”

It raced through my mind that twenty years earlier God had miraculously healed me of cancer, and the specialist had confirmed that, so cancer did not have any right to be in my body.  As the gallbladder had been removed, so had the cancer, and I could not see any good reason to go through all this treatment, and associated  costs to Medicare.

I had done some research and learned that gallbladder cancer is a rare cancer and that it cannot be diagnosed until it is too late.  So how did I get to a doctor who knew there was a problem the first time I went to him?  I had gone for chest pain!

I went home somewhat unhappy about the doctor’s insistence, and perplexed about what I ought to do.  The powers of evil had not been successful the first time when God healed me, and now they had taken an undiagnosable cancer so I would not know until it was too late.  But God had made it so that I would get to this doctor, who was not my GP, and who did diagnose a problem.  So I could not see any further problem.  And twenty scans in five years would be enough to give anyone cancer.

We opted for a second opinion.  This specialist remarked that twenty scans in five years would probably do me more mental damage than physical good.

I settled for annual scans, but after the first one, which was so invasive, I have dropped that idea too.  I am God’s child and with all the evidence of how God has been involved, I don’t fear any cancer.

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