Day 13 – A Day to Reflect

25 January 2019

I had not been home from New Guinea for long.  It was a week day and I decided to go to church which was only two doors down from my flat.  At that time I was connected to the Catholic Church.  I knew that they had a Mass every weekday morning.

I had now, for a long time, been suffering with mouth ulcers.  I had done all the things that people recommended, such as putting salt on them.  These folk remedies were generally very painful and did not give me any long term relief.  Eating was very difficult, as was the simple action of closing my mouth; it was just so swollen.

I sat in church on the very last pew and followed the Mass without a lot of spiritual interest.  Then it came to Communion time.

Now, in the Catholic Church we had been taught that the Communion is in fact the body of Jesus.  Pre my salvation experience, I accepted these teachings without question.  So now, preparing for Communion I simply said “Jesus when you lived on earth you touched people and they were healed.  If you touch my ulcers when I take Communion you can heal them too.”  That prayer showed how desperate I was because I had never heard of any modern day healings.

I thought no more of it and when the service finished I went home and got on with my life.  It was the next day that I noticed that my ulcers were gone.  I was ecstatic.  In my more than twenty years of church attendance, I had never, never heard of anyone having a visible or demonstrable answer to prayer.

But whom could I tell?  I was so afraid of being ridiculed that I did not tell anyone.  I just rejoiced in not having to cope with the problem anymore.  However, it is a spiritual truth that if you do not share your experience you may very well lose it.  And although I certainly did not have mouth ulcers again, I do know that the joy of the event faded with the years.

It was several years after my healing from mental illness that I remembered this event, and that was some twenty years later.

Another event occurred when I was about sixteen years old.  We lived on a rural property.  We had a Ford Customline as we are a large family.  On this day the car had to be moved out of the driveway and I begged to be allowed to back it out.  As there was six meters between the gate and the road, Mum could not see any problem, and she continued talking to her friend also standing in the driveway.

I backed out, full of confidence, across the six meter roadside and onto the road, straightening out on the other side.  I was so proud until a mili-second after I stopped a huge truck passed on my right at a speed that would certainly have killed me in a collision.  My mother and her friend stood frozen with fright.  I got out of the car and mother put it back next to the gate.

This event taught several lessons.  First, you don’t let unlicensed teenagers near a car, especially not alone.  Also, that all my confidence could easily have cost me my life.  But, looking back now that I have a knowledge of God’s word, the Bible and I have learned to live the life he wants, it shows me that God was caring for me even before I personally acknowledged him.

In those years I did not know.  Now that I know I am so eager that everyone should know how much God cares.

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