Day 11 – The 10 fen

23 January 2019

These blogs are in no way consecutive.  I’m just writing to complete the 31 day challenge, and I am finding that I am writing more than the challenge.  What I write about is just what comes into my head that day.  It is good though, to have a lot of this stuff written and so go on to greater projects, using this information as ‘raw material.’

Whatever, I am really enjoying this.

I want to take you to China.  I lived there as an English teacher for 20 years.  It was an unforgettable experience.  And so there are of course also things about that time that are worth recalling.

This happened on a day I wanted to go and purchase a special globe for a special lamp.  The shop was a fair way away and I decided not to ride my bike but to take the bus.  There were new buses that had recently commenced service in our area, and they had fewer stops than the regular buses.  These buses only went on the main road and had dedicated lanes in the middle of the road.  They were meant to help with long distance journeys across town.  The fare was paid when you entered the bus stop which was a bit like a tram stop, also in the middle of the road.  When the bus pulled up, its doors would line up with the gates on the bus stop.  it was very efficient and very much appreciated by its users.

On this day I went to the nearest stop, paid my two yuan waited for the bus.  The wait was rather long and when the bus came I hopped on.  It wasn’t until the bus turned into a road that I knew I did not want to go down, that I realised that I was on the wrong bus.  I immediately got off at the next stop and walked back to the road where the bus had turned.  At the bus stop of course I had to pay my two yuan again.

Now here was the problem.  The bus stop is not manned, and there is no way to get change.  I only had 1.90 yuan, so I was 10 fen short.  Now, I suppose, I could have cheated and just pay 1.90 yuan, but I did not think that that was the right thing to do.  On the walk back I asked Father God to give me a way out.  I looked for a person that I might ask for some change, but there wasn’t anyone around.  It was going to be difficult.

But my Father did not let me down.  It may seem the most unlikely thing that could happen, but when I got to the bus stop there were 10 fen laying there on the edge of the fares box.  I have no idea how it got there.  I just knew that it was the 10 fen I had asked for, and with the coins that I had, I was able to put my two yuan in for my fare.

A small matter, but an important one and one that Father God was able to help me with.“

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