Day 10 – Cancer

22 January 2019

I was home on sick leave from China.  One of the things I always ensured to attend to was a complete medical check over.  I did not want anything to lurk around without me knowing that I was going to be hit hard soon.

This time I went to the doctor about a pain near my abdomen.  The doctor wasn’t very happy.  I simply asked her where the pain saw situated and she said in my intestines.  That rang bells.  Mother had had Colon cancer in the 1980’s and a few years after that her youngest sister had died from the same disease.

My next question was, “Is it Colon cancer?”  Her reply was that with my family history, it very well might be.  She sent me off to a specialist who, upon manual examination, confirmed that it was indeed Colon cancer.  I knew that this would involve surgery, so I asked what would happen now.

The surgeon laid it all out for me.  First he would schedule a colonoscopy to see the extend of the damage and after that he would schedule surgery.  He scheduled the colonoscopy to be performed in ten days time.  It wasn’t until after I left his surgery that I broke down.  That word CANCER.  The fear of it really hit me and I was walking down the street crying.

When in trouble, get a fellow Christian to stand with you and support you!  That had been such good advise and I put that into practice.  I rang my pastor’s wife whom I knew well.  Explained why I was crying and my fear.

Her words brought me back to reality.  “This is no surprise to God, your Father.  He has known that this would come and he has the solution, so let us just lift it up to him.”  With that we prayed together on the phone.  Then I re-commenced my trip home.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I was not rejoicing.  I was not denying, but I had a Father that knew all about this and that he loved me and that he would work it all out.  This truth could not be denied even though I did not at that point of time know what was going to happen.

I had ten days and went on with the voluntary work I was doing at the time.

Now, in every ten days there is at least one Sunday.  I went to church as usual and at the end of the service there was the invitation for anyone who would like prayer for anything, to come forward where the prayer team would pray for each individually.  I went forward.  There was a crowd of people there, and as I was standing there waiting I lifted my heart to God and simply told him that I was trusting his goodness.  That everything would be OK, no matter what I had to go through.

That is when it happened.  The power of God came down and knocked me to the floor.  No one had touched me or prayed for me, it was just me standing there waiting.  I was not unconscious but I could not move, could not get up.  This lasted something like 15 to 20 minutes.

When I got up the church was nearly empty and there weren’t many people left to talk to, so I went home.  The following day I was quite busy getting things done and did not give any thought to my diagnosis at all.  In the evening, at home with the lady whose home I shared, I suddenly realized that I had no pain.  I had not had any pain all day.  I said to her, “I believe God healed me yesterday.”

At the end of that week I went for the colonoscopy.  I was totally calm and waited my turn.  Next thing I knew was the surgeon telling me that I was OK, everything was clean.  This did not really amaze me, but the reality did not really sink in until the anaesthetic wore off.

It was four weeks later that I had the follow up visit with the surgeon.  He began by saying, “OK, I saw it clearly with my own eyes but when we did the colonoscopy there was no cancer there.  Can you say anything to explain that?”

Well, I had a lot to say.  I told him about the Sunday at church and the result after that.  He was very interested and asked me several questions which I replied to, then he said, “I have to agree with you.  God healed you.”  He wrote that onto my record and signed it.

Then with good wishes, he said goodbye and I went home.

People have tried to tell me that that was a ‘mis-diagnosis’ or some other failure in the system.  I know what happened and I know that Father God’s love for his children will stop at nothing.

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