Day 9 – Another Lesson

21 January 2019

I had always understood that if you went to Church, well then you were a Christian.  How much I had to unlearn.  One thing was that Jesus is interested in EVERY part of your life.  We go around with so many problems, and it is so very unnecessary.

When I had learned this lesson I decided that I should put it into practice.  When I could not find what I was looking for and just got tired of searching (depending on myself) I handed it over to Jesus.  I would say my short prayer, “Jesus you know exactly where it is.  Please tell me” and instantly a place would come into my mind and sure enough, there it was.

So, let me tell you my failures too.  I have had a lot of help as stated above, but still this independence was very difficult to shed.

So it was that I had lost an important Bank Cheque.  It was for several hundred dollars and I had to take it to the meeting that morning to pay what I owed.  I looked everywhere to no avail.  So I simply said, “Jesus you know exactly where my cheque is, please tell me.”  My mind immediately went to my car.  My reaction to that was, “No, I did not take it out to the car” and I ketp on searching.

This was repeated twice and my reaction was the same each time.  By now I was quite frustrated.  The time to get to the meeting was approaching and still no cheque.  I gathered all my other items together and decided to go to the bank to see whether they would cancel the cheque for me and then issue me another one.

I locked the house and went to the car.  As soon as I opened the door, the first thing I saw was the cheque sitting between the seat and the gear stick housing.

I was now angry with myself.  I could have saved so much time if I had just done what Jesus told me the first time I asked him.  It was a very important lesson again.

And it is the same with other areas in our lives.  We keep on going with our own intelligence and find that we are not getting to where we ought to be getting, and we don’t ask Jesus who is always ready to help us.  The old song says it for us too:               Are we weak and heavy-laden,                                                                                          Cumbered with a load of care?                                                                                        Precious Saviour, still our refuge—                                                                                       Take it to the Lord in prayer.                                                                                                    And in all of this I can just see Jesus saying, “It’s OK, you’ll learn.”

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