Day 7 – Israel

19 January, 2019

I struggled at first, like any newcomer, to understand how this Jesus fitted into my life.  However, slowly I learned to trust him.  Then it was the middle of 1975.

I had been reading the Cathrine Kullmann books and became more and more convinced about the healing power of God.  Sure, it is in the Bible, but that is a long time ago and sometimes it is difficult to convince yourself, let alone others that it is still true.  But I also had my own healing to look back to, how my head was cleared and my life changed after more than ten years of medication for mental illness.  The Catherine Kullmann books confirmed that I was not the only one, that this was normal in the christian life. 

I knew that I would be returning to Australia in the foreseeable future and I decided that I would go via the U.S. so that I could attend a Catherine Kullmann meeting.  This became important to me.

One day I shared my thinking with my friends and they immediately showed me a brochure of a conference that would be held in Israel and Catherine Kullmann was to be one of the speakers there.  Actually the brochure was for an organised tour which included sight seeing and experiences in Israel too.  I immediately decided to go as it was well within my budget and I would be travelling with some of the people from our Thursday meetings as well as some others that I had gotten to know.

That trip was amazing for a new Christian; to actually walk where Jesus walked, where he lived, where he died and from where he arose.  Unforgetable.

For me the highlight was in Tel Aviv.  Catherine Kullmann spoke that evening and it was the first time ever, that she allowed the press into her meeting.  At one stage Catherine wanted to show our international unity and she asked for one person from every country represented, come up on the stage.  Being from Australia there was a good chance that there weren’t too many Australians there.  I told our leader I would go forward for Australia, and he encouraged me.  

Standing on that stage, less than ten feet away from Catherine Kullmann, it was impossible to stand still. We were all shaking with the power of the Spirit present there.  In fact the rest of the meeting became a blank for me, as I lived in this experience.

But for me the most important news was yet to come.  Later that year I was planning my return to Australia and settled on a date early in the following year.  However, Catherine Kullmann died in December of that year.

I was amazed about the practical love that Jesus showed us on an everyday basis.  Of course, in eternity he had known when Catherine Kullmann would die and so gave me the opportunity to go and see her in Israel so that I would not miss out.

Yes, there are people who insist that that was a co-incident, but I see a loving Saviour caring about things that were important to me.  This again gave me enormous encouragement.

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