Day 6 – A Blanket of Love

18 January, 2019

I was now living with a clear head.  No more drugs and no more cigarettes.  It made an enormous difference.  Life was good and I did not look back.  My favourite activity at that time was to read testimonies, and I read many books that I loaned from my friends, such as Cross and Switchblade, Shout it from the Rooftops, Hiding Place and many more.  I realized that I was only one of many.

Some three months later, May Day, a holiday.  Some of the others were going on a day trip and we made arrangements to meet at the railway station.  To this day I do not know what happened.  I waited and waited and waited but they did not appear.  I was devastated to miss a day outing.

When I arrived home I threw myself onto the bed with the words, “I wish I had never become a Christian.  At least before this I had friends.’  I had conveniently forgotten the pain of the life I had been living.  As I lay there weeping, a blanket of warm love covered me.  It was so intense that I immediately fell asleep.  I cannot explain it, but it was supernatural.  It was like Jesus said, “I haven’t let you down.  I am still here.”

That was my first lesson in trusting Jesus only.  People will sooner or later let you down.

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