Day 5(2) – No More Medication

17 January 2019 (2)

This was a HUGE admission from me because there was still so much hidden.  As my friend was about to call her husband I added to my submission, “May I first make a phone call?”  (Pre mobile phone days!)  I went to the phone and called my appointment for that evening.  I said I would not be there.  My heart was saying, “You will never be there again” but I could not say that.

Ensuring the girls were safely playing in the lounge, the three of us went into their bedroom and they asked me to sit on the end of the bed.  They prayed in the manner I was used to from the Thursday meetings.  I just sat there, somewhat interested and then again, not really interested.  Every so often they would interrupt their prayer by asking me a question and I would answer as appropriate.  “Have you ever been involved in the domonic?” was one of them that I remember.

Not sure why I was there I began to find the whole thing weary.  And then it happened.  An enormous load was lifted off my shoulders.  I liken it to the relief I experienced when helping on my father’s farm.  Carrying a bag of wheat which had been placed on my shoulders and neck, at the truck, and walking over to the silo where it was placed on the platform.  The relief from that weight is what I experienced sitting there on their bed.  My whole body straightened from the bent back and drooping shoulders, to being totally upright.  I instantly knew that their prayers had been answered.  I knew that the problems, including the guilt and hopelessness, had been taken out of my life.  My friends looked at me and said, “Your face has changed.  You are smiling.”  I could not say anything.  It was all so very new to me.

My friends led me through a prayer to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and then we rejoiced together.  They invited me to stay for dinner that night and they would drive me home.  It was a good night.  I was really enjoying being with the family, more than I had in the last three months.

Next morning when I awoke at home, I went to the kitchen as per usual, to have my breakfast.  There on the table I saw my nine bottles of medication.  Sudden fear overwhelmed me because I had not taken my medication the previous evening nor before going to bed.  Four of those nine bottles were labelled ‘Do not stop taking this medication without doctors permission’, meaning that they were drugs.  I stood there for a moment of indecision.  However, I had had a good night last night and I had slept better than I had for well over a year.  It was then that I clearly heard a whisper saying, “The medication was for your problems.  Last night your problems were taken away so you don’t need the medication anymore.”

That made perfect sense.  I opened the drawer in the table and swept all the medication into that drawer.  From that day to this I have never again taken or needed mind bending drugs.

The first real identifiable miracle I experienced.

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