Day 1 – 31 Day Challenge

13 January. 2019     

This challenge is the beginning of my new blog.  It has not yet been set up, but it will be soon.  Then I can copy and paste these pages into my blog.With all this talk about writing I do have one problem.  There seems to be an assumption that you have to write a story that is original.  I find that very very difficult.  I am more of a narrative writer.  I discovered that first of all in my early teens when I had a pen friend.  It was nothing for me send a handwritten letter of six to a dozen foolscap pages.  (Foolscap is the paper size we used before everything went metric and we got the A4 size.)  That is not the only thing.  When I spent 20 years in China I would write a newsletter four times per year.  Invariably someone would reply and comment on the amount of interesting detail that there was in my letters.  That of course encouraged me to keep going.

The main project for me now is to write the book that will tell all the amazing things that God has done in my life since February 1975.  This does not need a lot of imagination.  It just needs me to get started and then keep going.  I do have a lot of information, especially the last years, all the newsletters that friends kept and have given me to use.

What I need to apply myself to now is the tools I have and the methods I need to use.  Jeff is correct though, first of all you need to write.  So this challenge is giving me the impetus to do that.  And now that I have other tools up and running, I can also get into the courses that I have enrolled in and get the knowledge.  We all think that the knowledge is the first thing we need, but in fact it is action that we have to attend to first.  Once we are active, then add the knowledge and produce something worth showing off.

Distractions are my main hurdles.  You see, I have so many things on my plate that it is not funny.  I am volunteering in a school two hours per week, plus two hours travel time, and I also volunteer in an aged care facility, reading to residents.  Besides that I do Toastmasters and participate in the Urban Harvest once a month, participate in the open spaces project and also go to the gym twice a week.  My main activity is the fortnightly small group meeting at church, where about ten of us get together to share and have fellowship.  That to me is THE most important activity of my monthly calendar.  I do like to do a study and then lead the discussion or answer questions that may arise.

The knowledge that I have to write down my experiences for the next generations, is my reason for writing.  Now I’m doing it!

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