Day 3 – Being Trusted

15th January 2019     

The next week came around and it will not be difficult for you to realise that I went again.  Here was company, even if I thought it was somewhat weird, and generosity.  I guess I felt real care and in my state of mind at that time, it was very important.

This went on for some months and then it came to Christmas.  Knowing that I did not have anywhere to go for Christmas, I was then invited to have Christmas with them.  A lot of the weirdness had worn off and I was beginning to understand a lot of what they were about.  Still not sure whether it was for me, but willing to celebrate Jesus birthday with them.  A great day!

It is easy to assume that I had gotten to the top of their generosity, however, the most amazing thing was yet to come.  They knew a lot about me by now, just as I had also gotten to know them better.  But it was still amazing when one day they asked whether I would look after their three precious little girls for a day.  They had to go to a conference and would be away the whole day.

Now, knowing where I had come from and what I had been through, it was incomprehensible to me that they would trust ME with their precious girls for a whole day.  Once I got over the amazement of it all, I started to ask questions to ensure that I knew what would and would not be allowed.

The oldest of the three was nine, so three girls with loads of ideas of what they would like to do.  It did turn out to be a fun day.  Of course we went out to the park and generally used up the energy that they had at that age.  Returning home and getting ready for the evening meal there was the plea, “Can we make chips?”  I was a little weary having them cook chips, what with hot oil and all that, so I replied that I would talk to Mum and Dad and maybe we could do it next time.  Instead we had the meal that their Mum had suggested.

Now at work there was a rule that anyone who took any part of their annual holidays during the winter months, got double their allowance.  I desperately wanted to learn cross country skiing so planned my holidays accordingly.  I would go for two weeks and that would mean only one week was debited off the holidays I was owed.

Just before my departure my new friends urged me, that if anything should happen that could cause me grief, I was to ring them, reverse charges.  Now what on earth could happen?  I did know in my heart that I really needed a rest.  However, my mind overruled that to go and learn to ski.

It was exciting.  A snow covered village, half way up the mountain.  A lovely small ‘pension’ that I could afford and skiing lessons booked.  What more did I ever want.  Day 1, Friday.  First skiing lesson.  Thrilling.  After the lesson I practiced what I had learned and thought that everything was marvellous.  a great desire fulfilled.

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